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  • Forum rules and regs

    There are a few quick rules to keep in mind when posting on our forum. For the Forum to grow and so that everyone can feel welcome to post and join our online community, these simple rules are necessary and must be followed by all members of the Forum

    1. No foul language
    2.. No Spamming
    3. No begging for ratings, comments, or any other profile functions from other members. Such action will be considered spam. Your post will be deleted and you will be warned.
    4.Absolutely, Positively NO O-U-T-W-A-R POSTS WILL BE TOLERATED. Post an O-U-T-W-A-R or similar type of link and you will be banned
    5.. Keep it friendly. No flaming or trash talking or abusive language. No derogatory comments about any forum members race, age, sex, religion, sexual preference, or opinions will be tolerated. We expect you to behave to the best of your ability. It's okay to disagree and debate an issue, it's another to flame and attack other members.
    6.There shouldn't be any word of Insult,Arrogance and the likes whatsoever to and against any of the Administrators and Moderators of Silangan Pilipino.Anyone who fails to observe this rule is entitled to a lifetime ban.

    ###You are allowed ONE (1) account. Multiple accounts are not allowed. If a second account is found it will be permanently suspended. Any and all infractions on the new account will be transfered to the original, plus the penalty for the dual account itself.
    ###•Each member is allowed one login account. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed.

    •While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, profanity (or attempts to bypass profanity filters), insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts. Our decision is final in these matters.
    •You cannot post advertisements or notices for contests
    If you see someone else violate forum rules pls pm admins or mods .

    ##gambling not allowed###

    It doesn't matter if you like them or your don't like them, you need to learn to love them, because the admins and moderators are always right and always justified in their actions. The moderators are here to enforce the above rules. Moderators are necessary for the forum to function as it is intended and they are, for all intents and purposes, the judges, juries, and executioners of this forum.
    ##•We also reserve the right to ban anyone who wilfully violates the forum rules, ##

    Also, these rules are somewhat flexible and can change from time to time. Rules may come and go, but will help to maintain the friendly atmosphere that we need for the forum to grow.
    Thanks, and enjoy the forum!
    By Admin deburyu..

    Last edited by Estong; 10/31/2011, 04:15 PM.

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    Noted po!

    Sana maging friendly ang mga members.
    JaF Koleksionz
    contact: 080-3045-2345



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      copy po sir admin...gdam


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        copy po...


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          noted po,thanks!
          No One Can Break us!!! weeeehhhhh.....


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            yes sir. copy po!!


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              noted po.


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                copy po!(^_-)
                "magpakatao at magpakatotoo"