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  • Warning system...

    Moderators and Administrators are able to warn members who break the rules and issue the penalty associated with that rule.

    Warning Level 1 - 1 day posting ban (minimum)
    Warning Level 2 - 2-7 day posting ban (at the moderators discretion)
    Warning Level 3 - indefinite ban.or permanently ban

    Each of the following Rule Violations will result in a MINUMUM Warning Increase of 1 level

    E.g. - if jose receives one warning for spamming a thread he will receive a 1 day ban. If he comes back a week later and receives 2 further warnings (therefore increasing his warn level to 3), he will be banned indefinitely.

    Each of the following Rule Violations will result in a MINUMUM Warning Increase of 1 level


    Posts that are completely off topic or pointless and topics posted in order to raise post count or generally irritate other forum users will be removed. This includes posting the same message in multiple forums, the threads will be merged and the various original posts will be removed.

    Single word replies to threads will be classed as spam. These posts are neither useful nor helpful, and will be removed where necessary.

    The definition of spam is subject to the administrator or moderator's discretion.


    Actions considered as Flaming (the act of being offensive towards others) will not be tolerated, we try to allow people to voice their opinions, and allow for debate. However we do not want to see posts that offend other forum members.

    Use of Foul Language

    The use of profanity will not be tolerated. Please show respect for yourself and the members of Silangan . Many profanities are automatically removed by the forum software, any attempts to circumvent the censoring imposed by the board will be removed and repeat offenders will have their warning level increased.

    Serious Abuse of Forum

    Should it be deemed following deliberation by the admin team as a whole that any individual has brought the forum into disrepute or continually flouts the Rules and Regulations then the normal warning system will be null and void and the user in question will immediately be banned to protect the forum and its members from continuing abuse.

    Keep these Rules and Regulations in mind when posting. These rules are subject to change as situations arise. Check back here if you are unsure about content that you wish to post

    thank you

    Enjoy Forum !

    Silangan Pilipino

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    take note:
    ang mga moderators at admin lang ang makakapagdecide kung sino ang wawarningan or mababan.

    we treat everyone fair and square at wala pong palakasan dito sa SP