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Paano mag-apply ng japanese passport

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  • Paano mag-apply ng japanese passport

    Ako po uli~~

    Ngayon ayos na ang issue sa nationality ng baby ko, balak ko na siyang kunan ng japanese passport.

    Paano at saan po ba nag-aapply ng japanese passport. Ano ano rin po requirements?

    Yoroshiku ^^
    I ♥ SP!

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    Get a passport application from your local passport office. In Tokyo, contact the passport section of the metropolitan government (ten-cho). Applicants outside Tokyo should apply at their prefecture's government (ken-cho). You will need two copies of this application form. Since 2006, all passports have contained a biometric identity chip.

    Take a passport photo. Photos must conform to EU standards. They must measure 45 by 35 mm with the height of the face from 32 mm to 36 mm. The picture must be taken full face (no hats or other head adornment) against a white background. Passport photos can be taken by a photographer or composed online but must meet all specifications and be signed on the reverse side. One copy is required if applying inside Japan and two are required if applying outside the country.

    Collect official copies of your identification documents. You'll need certified copies of your family register (koseki shohon/tohon) and certificate of residence (jumin hyo). Both must be dated within six months of the day you apply for your passport.

    Take your driver's license (unten menkyo sho) or health insurance certificate (kenko hoken sho) for personal identification. Employee or student identification cards with photos may also be used as identification. You should also take your personal stamp (hanko).

    Take your completed application and these identification materials to the passport office. You should also bring any expired passport and a self-addressed (to the same address as is listed on your certificate of residence) post card with you. You will be given a receipt for your materials.

    Your the postcard should arrive in about a week, advising you that your passport is ready. Take it with your document receipt and your passport fee to the passport office to pick up your new document. Be sure to check that the personal information is correct.

    Things You'll Need
    Application form
    Family register
    Certificate of residence
    Passport photos
    Standard postcard
    Proof of Identity
    Passport fee
    tokyo tel no 03-5908-0400
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      (1) Application Form for Issuance of General Passport (1 copy)
      一般旅券発給申請書   ・・・1通

      ■ You can obtain application forms at any Passport Center.
      (2) Extract of Family Register or Family Register (1 copy)
      戸籍抄本または謄本   ・・・1通
      Said documents must be issued within 6 months before the date of application.
      ■ In case applicants who have not, and will not, change their names and permanent addresses intend to renew their passports within the term of validity, they need not submit the Extract of Family Register or Family Register. ("Passport renewal" in this case refers to renewal when the valid term remaining is less than one year.)

      有効期間内の切替(残存有効期間1年未満の切替)で、氏名・本籍に変更のない方は省略できます 。
      ※ Note, however, that minors and those who have returned to Japan temporarily must submit the documents described above when applying.


      ■ In case 2 (or more than 2) people in the same family register apply for passports at the same time, they need only one family register.

      (3) One (1) photo
      写真   ・・・1枚

      This photo must be taken within 6 months before the date of application.
      ■ Photos must be 45mm×35mm, with no margin, and be of the same size as the sample photo.

      (unit of measurement: mm [millimeter])

      ■ The photo must show only the applicant, taken full-face, with no hat, and must have a plain background.

      4) 5. Either one (1) or two (2) kinds of documents for identifying applicants
      申請者の本人確認書類   ・・・1点または2点

      ※ Each item of identification must be an original copy. No duplicates are accepted.
      ※ Name, birth date, gender, etc. listed in each document must coincide with the data listed in the application forms
      いずれも氏名・生年月日・性別・ふりがな・住所等が申請書の記載内容と一致しているものに限り ます。
      1. One (1) document is sufficient if you choose from Section A.

      Section A
      Japanese passports (valid passports or passports within 6 months after expiration), driver's licenses, provisional driving licenses, seaman's certificates, seaman's competency certificates, certificates for hunting rifle/air gun possession, veteran handbooks, registered real estate transaction manager certificates, electrical worker certificates, radio operator certificates, government/public office-issued identification cards (photo ID), etc.

      日本国旅券(有効旅券、失効後6ヶ月以内のもの)、運転免許証、仮運転免許証、船員手帳、海技免状、猟銃・ 空気銃所持許可証、戦傷病者手帳、宅地建物取引主任者証、電気工事士免状、無線従事者免許証、官公庁がその 職員に発行した身分証明書(写真を貼付したもの)等。

      2. Two (2) documents are necessary from Section B and C. Either (B+B) or (B+C).
      2.次の場合は2点 (B+B)または(B+C)
      ※Documents chosen only from Section C (C+C) are not accepted as identifying documents.
      Section B
      Health insurance cards, national health insurance cards, seamen's insurance cards, mutual aid society certificates, nursing care insurance cards, National Pension Plan handbooks (certificates), employee pension plan handbooks (certificates), certificates of seamen's insurance pension, certificates of mutual aid society pension, certificates of pension, seal registration certificates, etc. In case you use your seal, be sure to bring the one you registered

      健康保険証、国民健康保険証、船員保険証、共済組合員証、介護保険被保険者証、国民年金手帳(証書)、厚生 年金手帳(証書)、船員保険年金証書、共済組合年金証書、恩給証書、印鑑登録証明書(申請時登録印鑑持参の こと)等。

      Section C
      Student identification cards or corporate identification cards with photos affixed, paper qualifications issued by public organizations, physical disability certificates, expired passports (passports invalid for over 6 months), etc.

      学生証または会社の身分証明書で写真の貼付のあるもの、公の機関の発行した資格証明書、身体障害者手帳、失 効旅券(失効後6ヶ月以上経過したもの)等。

      Applicants must receive passports in person. (No agents can receive passports in place of the applicants.)
      旅券の受け取りには、必ず申請者 御 本 人 がお越し下さい。
      ( 代理受領はできません )

      If applicants are minors or wards who are of age

      For minors, a person with parental authority (either the father or mother) must sign the application; for wards who are of age, the guardian must sign the application. (In case the applicant is adopted, further information should be obtained from the institutions concerned.)

      In case the legal representatives live in remote places, applicants must submit "consent forms" with signatures of said legal representatives affixed and the envelopes must be delivered to the applicants by the legal representatives.

      申請書裏面の「法定代理人署名欄」に未成年者の場合は親権者(父または母)が、成年被後見人の場合は後見人 が署名してください。(養子縁組をしている場合は、窓口へお問い合わせ下さい)

      なお、法定代理人が遠隔地に居住している場合は、法定代理人の署名のある「同意書」を郵送されてきた封筒に 添えて提出してください。


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        Kheysi,sa may tapat ng Yamashita Park sa Yokohama nanduon yung passport center at doon mo i-apply.Isama mo si baby at may pagkukuhanan na rin ng pic doon mismo.Lahat ng document dapat mayroon din laluna yung passport mo at kosekitohon at allien Registration Card.Kung pwede isama mo si hubby.And I guess ikaw ang magpipirma in behalf of you baby.Pagka-apply niyan within a week matatanggap mo na ang Japanese Passport ni baby.Goodluck!
        Hindi ako pogi,mabait lang.