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How to package electronics properly

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  • How to package electronics properly

    Test, Clean and Prepare
    1. Before shipping electronics, make sure to test the item again. Turn the power on, test the function of the item.
    *For cellphone, send test SMS, receive test SMS, test WIFI, camera, speaker volume, earpiece volume, etc
    *For computer, turn on the computer, test all the keyboards, test the camera, wifi, sounds, etc
    *For other electronics, turn on and test all functions.
    2. Clean the item, make sure that it is presentable. Wipe off dust so it looks as new as possible.
    3. Inspect your item for any damages that occurred from the time you took photo when you posted it and now.
    4. If you found any damages before packaging, please notify the buyer immediately. If the buyer already paid, please proceed for refund.

    Bubble Wrap electrical or breakable items to avoid damage during transit

    1. Wrap the item in bubble wrap and secure with packaging tape. You can purchase envelopes with bubble wraps at 100yen store. You can purchase bubble wraps at nearest store.
    2. Bubble wrap each piece separately. If the item comes with charger, bubble wrap the charger and item separately.
    3. If the item comes with original box that has molded case, and everything fits perfectly in the appropriate spot inside the case, just pack the case.

    BOX the item
    1. Choose the right size of box for your item. You can get free boxes from the nearest supermarket. You can also purchase them at the japan post office or other couriers.
    2. Place a layer of packing paper at the bottom of the box. You can use used newspaper or chirashi as packing paper
    3. Place the item at the center of the box.
    4. Add packing paper between the spaces left in the box. Secure the item with packaging tape so nothing moves when you shake the box.
    5. Once all spaces are filled, close the box and try to shake the box, did anything move inside? If yes add more packing paper or secure the item with packing tape. If none, proceed on closing the box.
    6. Put packing tape around the corner of the boxes to make sure they get extra protection.

    * If you are sending out multiple items, put a memo on the box to avoid confusion of shipments.

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