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Rules on selling and buying PRE-ORDER ITEMS

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  • Rules on selling and buying PRE-ORDER ITEMS

    For the smooth transaction here in our buy and sell section we are implementing this rule as a standard operational procedure for per-order items.

    On part of the Seller:

    1. A seller must require his/her buyer for a down payment before ordering the items and the remaining balance should be paid after the items were received by the buyer.

    2. There should be a specific date when will the product be available after ordering it.

    3. As a seller before you deliver the items, make sure the items are in perfect condition, double check it or check the items many times in every angle before you send it. Buyers and sellers need to be able to get in touch with each other.

    On part of the Buyer:

    1. DO NOT attempt to order the item if you don't have enough budget for the product. You must pay for any item you buy.

    2. Make sure you read the item description before you buy/order.

    3. If you find the item to be defective, IMMEDIATELY inform the seller and RETURN the product. DO NOT for any reason HOLD THE PRODUCT for too long. Failure to return the product within 24hrs. shall be subject to no return no exchange policy.

    Of course, there are exemptions to these rules, the decision is still up to the seller and buyer, we're just making a point here, that if disputes raised between the buyer and the seller we will not allow you posting your problems in the forum.

    If you are concerned about a seller's behavior, you can report it to us and we will investigate.
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    Noted and follow the rules shadow_cat san. Maraming salamat sa inyong maagang pagtugon, pagbibigay or reminding us to be a good/responsible seller.
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      Copy po admin thanks... More power to SP...
      sb-08034407606-call and text are very much WELCOME...


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        Sa mga sellers:
        Be Specific with the description of your items.

        Meron pong mga title ng thread na BRANDED name pero hindi sure kung talagang brand nga dahil pre order lang at mura ito binebenta.

        Sa mga buyers:
        Mag-ingat po sa mga binibiling items.
        Ask the seller anything about the items you are buying


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          Roger on that Super Mod Shadow_cat & Super Mod AAA.maraming salamat din po sa pagremind.more power Silangang Pilipino.
          Better the devil you know;than the devil you don`t know.


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            thanks admin for always reminding us.. mabuhay sp !!!
            :When you make a mistake, there are only three things you should ever do about it: admit it, learn from it, and do not repeat it..


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              Maraming salamat po sa patuloy na patnubay sa amin , mapa seller man o buyer.
              Mabuhay po kayo!
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                salamat po sa paalala!

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                  maraming salamat po admin sa paalala...mabuhay po ang sp!!!


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                    pa-up lang po,
                    sa mga pre-order seller
                    mangyaring banggitin sa ads niyo na na pre order ang items,
                    lets be honest, wala naman dapat ikahiya kung pre-order o nde


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                      Thank you po sa advice.


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                        Originally posted by admin View Post
                        pa-up lang po,
                        sa mga pre-order seller
                        mangyaring banggitin sa ads niyo na na pre order ang items,
                        lets be honest, wala naman dapat ikahiya kung pre-order o nde
                        I agree and very well said po adminwala naman dapat ikahiya sa pagtitinda ng pre order items as long as wala ka naman intensyon manloko ng kapwa,practical way of selling po iyan kesa mamili ka ng mamili ng paninda tapos wala naman bumili o kokonti lang ang nabenta paano na?yung iba iisipin sa iyo mahirap ka kaya nagprepreorder ka lang,hehehedun ka maghihirap pag pretending mayaman ka tapos di mo naman naibenta lahat ng pinamili mong item...kamot ng lang sa ulo ang gagawin...Opinyon ko lang po ito...iba iba naman kase tayo ng diskarte pag dating sa businesses kung paano tayo kikita ng maayos na hindi tayo malulugi ng malaki o kaya tayo pa ang mababaon sa utang balang araw...Gambate na lang sa ating mga seller...
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