Sadyang may mga taong sadyang dumating sa buhay natin to be part of their journey,our journey
i believe di sila nagkataong dumating or dumaan sa buhay natin kundi nakatakdang ma meet natin sila..
to make us happy..
to make us cry..
to teach us how to share..
to teach us to love..
to learn to accept..
to learn to forget..
to learn to forgive..
to make us realize that life has it`s beginning,and has it`s end..

In times of trouble,when no one is around..
no one`s there to listen..
no one cares either..
those times naisip natin
"i am alone"..
my life is nothing but a mess..
i am useless..

It`s so funny to think na out of nowhere,someone will just pop up..
someone will just come around..
maybe someone we knew for long..
maybe someone who we never met before..
a picture of someone..or even a word of someone..
like as if an angel who just pass by..
from that moment you saw the read the words..
kind an awkward feeling but we could really felt something inside..
" a word I care,I love You" you will feel it whispering on you..

and i wonder... who is it?
inside that someone..
then i was God.

a sudden tears of happiness fields me..
a sudden feeling of being thankful for being able to breath..
that someone really inspires me..and i`m so thankful seeing that someone around.

lets be thankful enough no matter whose that someone came around..
maybe that someone has something to whisper on you..
be sure not to pass them for maybe inside that someone..
there is God., reaching on you.,wanting your attention.

God Bless You.